Founder’s Message

“The first wealth is health”, said Ralph Waldo Emerson, the famous American philosopher. Indeed, everyone should be responsible for one’s own health. One must understand the meaning and the value of maintaining good health.

This is the concept behind the name iHEAL. i to represent the person, HEA to represent health, and L to represent life. iHEAL therefore equals “I am responsible for my own health and life”.

iHEAL Medical Centre Kuala Lumpur promotes the four cornerstones of health and well-being ie: Preventive Medicine, Genetic Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and Less Invasive Treatment.

This medical centre is unique in its location, focus, technology and service in line with its logo; Infinity in Service, Technology and Accessibility. It promises impeccable service, use of advanced technology, located in a bustling mall city yet at a reasonable package price.

It is our hope that we may be able to help you obtain and maintain your first wealth – your health.

Welcome to iHEAL Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Dr. David Khoo Sin Keat
Founder / Medical Director,
iHEAL Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur

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