Health Screening Package

Health Screening

Premier Screening Package

A detailed health screening programme designed to screen for heart & lung disease, various cancers, stroke, lifestyle diseases & infectious diseases. It includes a comprehensive range of blood tests & a full cardiac screening for both structural & functional assessment.

Health Screening

Comprehensive Heart Screening Package

Highly recommended for those with multiple risk factors for Coronary Artery Disease such as a Family history, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Smoking & Obesity.

Health Screening

Tertia Screening Package

This is a popular choice among individuals who are not just looking for a screening package to be done on a regular basis but also want more than just a basic screening.

Health Screening

Secunda Screening Package

Offers a full blood profile, assessment of kidney and liver functions as well as screening for various cancers. This is an ideal annual screening programme for young individuals to keep them in optimum health.

Health Screening

Prima Screening Package

Offers a general health screening for both men and women aged 25 and below.

Health Screening

Essential Heart Screening Package

Get yourself a heart scan & other basic tests. Heart scan is fast & easy, the scan is done within 5 minutes by using the 640-Slice CT Scanner.

Health Screening

Pre-Marital Screening

Specially designed for young couples or soon-to-be-married couples to screen for general health, blood disorders (eg. Thalassemia & Leukemia) and infectious diseases. This is the first step to a healthy marriage. Get checked, get married.

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