Intragastric balloons in conjunction with a supervised diet and behavior modification program can help you achieve the health and aesthetic benefits associated with weight loss. More than 17 years of experience with intragastric balloons have reported modest successful weight loss and patient satisfaction.

Yet, current intragastric balloons have not received worldwide acclaim nor have they gained popularity. The reason is twofold: Current balloons are not adjustable and lose their effect after 3 months; and current balloons must be removed at 6 months.

Spatz Adjustable Balloon System (ABS)

Spatz is an adjustable balloon. Other balloons offer one balloon volume that is not changed over the course of 6 months. Doctors try to inflate as much as possible in order to get the best result. Higher balloon volumes can be more uncomfortable. Generally, the effect of the balloon wears off after approximately 3 months, and less weight is lost over the remainder of the implantation period.

With the Spatz ABS, the unique inflation port allows balloon volume additions or subtractions after the implantation. This allows your Doctor to start at a lower volume initially (less uncomfortable), and then increase the volume when you feel the effect wearing off.

This can be done multiple times. Patients who are intolerant can have their balloon volumes diminished. This translates to comfort, and greater weight loss.

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